Syria: the worst humanitarian crisis in a generation

14 10 2015


Text from email recieved Trocaire’s Humanitarian Officer

Dear Donal

Fadi is a Syrian refugee living in Lebanon, before the war he had a good life in Syria – he was an engineer and enjoyed living with his family and close to his friends. He never wanted to leave home but as he watched his country implode around him and the death toll rise from thousands to hundreds of thousands he had no option but to make the tragic decision to leave his country, a decision so familiar to so many Syrian people.

My name is Noelle Fitzpatrick, I am Trócaire’s Humanitarian Officer and I have met Fadi, and many others who are living in refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan. Many of them have nothing but the clothes on their backs.
Today, Fadi lives in Lebanon. His home is only a two hour journey and although he longs to travel back to his country one day, he knows it is a journey that he cannot make. For Fadi, the prospect of returning home has now become little more than a distant memory.
Like so many others, he is now so desperate that he is considering risking his life to get to Europe.
“I die a little bit every day here,” he told me. “If there is even a 50% chance of making it alive to Europe, it is a risk worth taking”.
Please Take Action Now.
By supporting our Refugee Crisis Appeal you can help provide food and shelter to refugees that have been forced to flee their home. Even a small donation can help us to deliver life-saving support.


Noelle Fitzpatrick
Humanitarian Officer

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Quigley : Disappointment as motion to help refugees descends into party politicking

24 09 2015



SDLP Coleraine Councillor Stephanie Quigley has expressed her disappointment after an SDLP motion aimed at responding to the refugee crisis facing Europe was defeated in last night’s meeting of Causeway, Coast and Glens Council.

She said: “I am very angry that this effort was scuppered last night because of the introverted vision of some Councillors. This was a chance for the Council to reflect the great efforts of many in our community and the will of the wider public who want to see action to help Syrian refugees.

“There was robust discussion on the motion and an important issue like this demands nothing less but for DUP and Sinn Fein councillors to use a humanitarian effort as a springboard to launch a debate about the IRA is totally inexcusable. It is an insult to the people risking their lives and the lives of their children to escape conflict.

“It is an embarrassment that as of last night, our Council’s official response to this global crisis is to bicker about unrelated matters. The onus is now on those Councillors to reflect on what happened and to get on board with the rest of our people and the global community.

“While this issue may invite debate it should not be an excuse to rescore traditional divisions. This is a matter of life and death and we will not accept inaction.”

Trocaire Emergency Syria Appeal

4 09 2015


The numbers are staggering:

  • 12.2m people in urgent need of humanitarian aid
  • 7.6m people forced to abandon their homes
  • 3.9m people seeking shelter in neighbouring countries

Behind each of those figures are real people, people who have lost everything and urgently need your help.

Trócaire is helping to bring vital aid to the people who need it most.

We are working with local partners to provide food, shelter, clean water and other basic needs for women, children and men forced to flee their homes.

Already, over 93,000 Syrian refugees have benefited from our support.

But this crisis is deteriorating so rapidly that we are appealing for you to help us reach even more people.

You can also donate by phone or text:

Freephone : 0800 912 1200

How many are missing in Syria? (New Amnesty video)

2 09 2014

Imagine suddenly vanishing off the face of the earth, with no one – not even your closest family – knowing where you are, why you were taken away, and what’s become of you. You may have done nothing wrong, but you don’t have a chance to defend yourself, get legal help, hope for a trial or even communicate with your family to let them know where you are.
Tens of thousands of people have ‘disappeared’ at the hands of Syrian state forces in the last few years. For many years, Syria has held detainees in secret locations, unable to communicate with the outside world – and these disappearances have increased dramatically since 2011.
When state forces hold people incommunicado like this they are violating many human rights. When they do so on a mass scale, it can constitute a crime against humanity.
Find out more about our work to stop human rights abuses in Syria at