Global Wind Day

11 04 2013


On 15th June this year, thousands of people will celebrate Global Wind Day, the international celebration of wind power and its potential to change the world.

Global Wind Day takes place on 15th June and will include activities around the world, from open days at wind farms, to opportunities to support wind energy and its associated benefits. It also includes a call to donate to the work of Renewable World in East Africa.

In the run-up to the event, Global Wind Day is focussing on our wind-solar hybrid project in Tanzania, where renewable energy services are transforming the lives of vulnerable people in Songambele. You can donate in pounds or in euros to projects like these and fund our vital programme in East Africa.

We work with some of the developing world’s most remote communities – people who have no access to power – to provide renewable systems to improve; health, education, nutrition and opportunity, without adding to global climate change.

Access to energy enables communication and trade, supports the establishment of new income generating ventures and stimulates enterprise. Education is improved as children can study in the evenings, and schools can open later for adult education. Affordable energy improves health through the use of clean lighting and cooking sources, and because clean water can be pumped direct to households. Healthcare is more accessible because clinics can keep vaccines, HIV tests and snakebite anti-venom in fridges.