McKillop welcomes meeting with Ofcom

24 01 2016

The SDLP group of councillors on the Causeway Coast and Glens Council have welcomed a workshop planned with Ofcom, the communications regulatory body, on 18 February to discuss poor mobile phone and broadband reception in the area

Councillor Margaret Anne McMcKillop who represents the Glens area said: “We welcome the presence of Ofcom to our council meeting to hear at first-hand from councillors the level of dissatisfaction that exists across large areas of the council.

“There is no doubt that the meeting is timely and will support the strongly held views of SDLP Assembly Members who have already met this regulatory body.

“Our people are very disappointed that public money made available from government in the past running into millions has not delivered for the rural community a level of service fit for purpose. For that reason we welcome the announcement by the UK government that work has begun on a universal service obligation (USO) aimed to give citizens the legal right to request a connection to broadband with speed of 10 Mbit/s, no matter where they live.

“10 Mbit/s is the speed needed to meet the demands of today’s typical family and many small businesses.

“In the run-up to this meeting I want to hear from anyone who is dissatisfied with the level of service they are receiving from network providers of broadband or mobile phone reception who can contact me in my office in Cushendall where the number is (028) 21771585.”


New Gobbins path will boost Tourism

23 08 2015

MA Gobbins

SDLP Causeway, Coast and Glens Councillor Margaret Anne McKillop has today welcomed the completion of the Gobbins path project and the benefits it will bring to tourism in Antrim and to Northern Ireland as a whole.

Speaking after attending the launch of the paths, Ms McKillop said:

“This path will undoubtedly become a major tourist attraction that will not only benefit the locality of county Antrim, but the North as a whole as it attracts tourists from all over the world.

“This redevelopment of what is an historical coastal path alongside the development of a new on-site visitors centre is a significant investment that has taken a long time to reach completion. In the long term, given that it has the potential to attract 70,000 visitors per year, it will repay this effort.

“I believe the Gobbins path will help to ensure that holidaymakers to the Causeway Coast may stay an extra night and add an extra stop to their visit.  In this way the path will not only become a substantial attraction in its own right but will enhance the overall Tourism package in East Antrim by boosting figures in the Glens and at the Giant’s Causeway.” 

Connectivity essential for future of the Glens

8 03 2015
broadbandSDLP Glens Councillor Margaret Anne McKillop highlighted the problem of poor mobile phone and broadband coverage in the Glens and has welcomed the input of SDLP Regional Development Spokesperson John Dallat who has taken a proactive stance on the issue.

She said: “The poor quality of mobile phone signals and the absence of a decent broadband speed is one major disadvantage for those living and doing business in the Glens. It is also a particular irritant for those passing through as visitors and tourists.

“As a member of the new Causeway Coast and Glens Council I want to see the imminent publication of the master plan for these communities so that we can have a firm focus on developing tourism and industry where it is appropriate.

“I welcome the fact that the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Investment Arlene Foster has given a personal commitment to my SDLP colleague John Dallat that she will take a personal interest in this long-standing issue.  

“I am also seeking a direct meeting with Vodafone to find out how their recently announced programme for small communities can help the people of the Glens of Antrim.

“Above all we need joined-up thinking based on the wishes and aspirations of the people who live there. Our coastal areas are unrivalled in beauty anywhere in Ireland and we can take advantage of this if our local communities are listened to. Sustainable jobs can be created without threatening the environment or the landscapes.

 “It is time to begin talking up the Glens.  We need to collaboration of the tourist board, the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment and the synergy of the new council which I hope will focus on real issues and not time-wasting debates”

McKillop praises Road Service for work during snowstorms

1 02 2015
Snow Plough 2
SDLP East Antrim Westminster candidate Cllr Margaret Anne McKillop has written to Transport NI to thank their employees and local contractors who played a vital role in keeping the roads in the Glens passible where possible.

She said: “The recent snow storms greatly affected the Glens and if not for the sterling work of the employees of Transport NI and local contractors everything would have frozen to a standstill.

“On behalf of my constituents I informed Transport NI of the deep appreciation they have for those who were outside during the worst of the storms at considerable risk to themselves to ensure that essential traffic continued to move.

“We often take the services of Transport NI (Roads Service) for granted and indeed often complain when they don’t match our expectations.  However in recent days there has been nothing but praise for the work they did gritting and clearing snow off the roads to allow essential and emergency services to operate.

Beware Christmas car robberies

17 12 2014


Cushendall SDLP Councillor Margaret Anne McKillop has warned of the danger of car thieves in the wake of a local woman who had her car broken into in Cushendall and her handbag stolen with all her bank cards in it.

“In the run-up to Christmas it seems that petty thieves are prepared to wreck other people’s seasonal happiness by breaking into their cars and stealing their property.

“People need to be mindful when parking cars not to leave them in places that are unlit and away from the public eye.  They should lock any valuables in the boot and leave no trace of anything valuable in the car.

“When I learned of this shocking crime I put out a message on Facebook and shortly afterwards I got a tip off where the handbag could be recovered.  Unfortunately it was empty with all the lady’s bank cards and other valuables stolen.

“If anyone knows anything of this disgusting incident I would ask them to pass the information to the PSNI or to myself so this criminal is caught.  Cushendall is a peaceful village where people trust each other and unfortunately it takes only one person to abuse that trust.  In this case the lady got her handbag back thanks to the people who responded to my Facebook appeal but is now left without her money and with the trouble of cancelling her bank cards.”

McKillop thanks DRD for tactile paving installation

22 05 2014


Glens SDLP Councillor Margaret Anne McKillop would like to thank DRD Roads Service for installing tactile paving in certain areas in Cushendall.
This paving was installed after a local resident who is blind and uses a guide dog got in contact with Cllr McKillop explaining her problems getting about in the town.
Before the paving was installed the resident often found herself in the middle of the road as there was no indication of the foot path ending.
Cllr McKillop said “Hopefully this will solve the problems and help make her life a lot easier, allowing her to continue to be as independent as possible.”
Glendun Road
“I would also like to call on Roads Service to have a site meeting regards Glendun Road, a number of residents have been in contact with me about safety issues on the road – wanting it resurfaced as it is in very bad state, as well as the possibility of it being widened. I look forward to hearing from Road Service with regards this issue as soon as possible.”

On the Campaign trail

4 05 2014


Campaign trail

The SDLP are standing 12 candidates in each of the electoral areas in the new Causeway Coast and Glens Council area.  Of the 12 candidates 7 (58%)are female, representing our clear intention to increase female representation in local government.

The SDLP have always been  a campaigning party and it is  only by getting out and talking to local people can we find out about the issues that affect them. To date canvassing throughout all areas has been going well and there is a definite sense that the SDLP are the party to bring about ‘Change for the Better’

Your SDLP candidates are as follows

Ballymoney – Harry Boyle and Angela Mulholland

Bann – Roisin Loftus

Benbradagh – Orla Beattie and Michael Coyle

Causeway – Maura Hickey

Coleraine – Stephanie Quigley

Limavady – Jason Allen and Gerry Mullan

The Glens – Dónal Cunningham, Joanne McKeown and Margaret Anne McKillop 

If you are interested in helping with any of the campaigns either by canvassing, distributing leaflets or by donating please contact Dónal Cunningham at