Assembly must protect Hurling and Camogie

29 10 2012


SDLP Ballycastle Councillor, Dónal Cunningham is calling on the Assembly to work with the Irish Government to protect the future of Hurling and Camogie as the supply of ash to make sticks is under serious threat from a rampant disease which is sweeping across Europe.

“The UK and Irish Government’s decision to ban all imports of young ash plants and seed from countries hit by the fungal infection known as Ash Dieback that has spread like wildfire may be just the start of tighter controls.

“Before the introduction of these new controls, stick-makers agreed to work from Ash either imported from countries free of the disease or that any Ash being brought in from Continental Europe would be in plank form with the bark sawn off.

“Hurling sticks are made by artisan craftsmen in small cottage industries. The Assembly needs to work with the Irish Government to safeguard the stick making industry and to secure the future of our national sports.”