Sympathy on the passing of Gerry Conlon

21 06 2014



Alex Attwood, SDLP MLA for West Belfast, has expressed his deep sympathy following news of the passing of Gerry Conlon. Mr Attwood said

 “On my own behalf and that of the SDLP, I extend deep sympathy to Gerry’s partner and his family. May he rest in peace with his late parents. 

‘He was a big character. Gerry made a big and lasting impression on all those he met. He had a great resilience, an incredible warmth and a huge heart.

‘He also had a deep commitment to justice and democracy. He stood with all those who had been denied their rights and suffered wrong.

 ‘The miscarriage of justice perpetrated against him, his Dad and his friends was shocking. The campaign of Gerry and others concentrated a spotlight on the wrongs of the State like never before. His eventual release was very significant in itself, was also a catalyst for campaigns against other miscarriages of justice.

‘Gerry will be missed as a person and missed for the vigor and support he brought to other campaigns for justice. His death at 60 years of age is far too young for someone who had