Email from Greenpeace

14 01 2014


Dear Donal,

Once upon a time, in a kingdom-not-so-far away, workers in giant factories were busy making children’s clothes.

Away from prying eyes, the workers were forced to use hazardous Little Monsters to help print and dye the garments.

Soon the Little Monsters began escaping from the factories, swimming out of the pipes to be unleashed upon the world!

Even more frightening, the small creatures took residence in shoes, shirts and skirts worn by children everywhere. These Little Monsters were causing BIG problems.

 Toxic Monsters

Everyone was affected: From the finest garments of Burberry to the cheapest items at Primark, these Little Monsters could be found lurking.

“This isn’t a fairytale, this is a nightmare!” cried the parents of the world, seeing their children frightened of the toxic monsters.

And they were right.

But together we can help put an end to these Little Monsters scaring our children and polluting our rivers.

In just two years, we have already convinced 18 major brands like Zara, H&M and Levis to Detox, and many of these brands are busy working with their suppliers to get rid of toxins in their clothes.

In this new chapter of the Detox story, brands like Burberry, Adidas and Disney will hear from us all. And we will be revealing all sorts of ways to stop these terrible Little Monsters!

Click here to play a part in this story.

Together we can make sure the kingdom’s children and our rivers may live happily ever after.

Ilze Smit
Detox Campaigner

P.S. In all seriousness, no matter how we tell this story, it is crucial that we take a stand and remove hazardous chemicals from ALL of our clothes. Please read and share this report: “A Little Story About the Monsters in Your Closet” and then take action today!

Save the Arctic

31 08 2012

Recent evidence indicates that the Arctic is warming about twice as quickly as the northern hemisphere and there is concern that Arctic sea ice could disappear in this decade or the next.

“We should all be very worried about what is happening in the Arctic, yet the mainstream political scene seems to be unconcerned, even in denial of this looming crisis. At what point are we going to wake up and listen to the scientists who are telling us to act? 

“Instead, we see oil companies like Shell and Gazprom hell-bent on exploiting the situation, hoping to profit from the fast-melting ice.

Please support Greenpeace’s campaign to stop this happening

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