Make Change Happen

23 02 2017


In exactly a weeks time, Thursday 2nd March, we go to the polls to elect a new Assembly.

After the collapse and abysmal failure of the ‘Fresh Start’ Government, this election offers the chance to change what has gone before.

This is your chance to give your verdict on the record of the outgoing Executive parties, and their lack of achievement.

You can give your verdict on the following  –

  • No Programme for Government
  • No Budget
  • No Health Budget
  • No Brexit plan
  • The RHI Scandal (BOTH Executive parties knew about the potential scale of impact on public finances before last year’s Assembly election but BOTH chose to stay silent at that time)
  • The NAMA Scandal
  • The Red Sky scandal
  • SIF funding of £millions to quangos fronted by senior loyalist paramilitaries
  • Abuse of the Petition of Concern mechanism
  • MLAs claiming inflated Office Rental Expenses (BBC Spotlight drew attention to the DUP Church St Office Ballymena, SF Dunloy Office amongst others)
  • Payments to  Research Companies (where no written evidence of any research was ever produced)
  • Welfare Powers returned to the Tories at Westminster (after months of grandstanding)
  • Introduction of the Bedroom Tax (mitigated to 2020)
  • Witness Coaching
  • Health Centres left without a GP
  • Increased Hospital Waiting Lists
  • No Mental Health Strategy
  • No Teachers Pay increase

Made your mind up yet ?

It can sometimes be hard to hope that change is possible in our politics – but change does and can come if we make it happen.

If you want to see that change – come out and vote for it.

On March 2nd – Make change happen.


SDLP Manifesto 2017 

Connor Duncan selected to fight North Antrim Assembly Election

5 10 2015
Eugene Reid, Connor Duncan, Dónal Cunningham

Eugene Reid, Connor Duncan, Dónal Cunningham

The SDLP has selected 28 year old Connor Duncan as its North Antrim candidate in the forthcoming Assembly Election.

Mr Duncan was chosen at a selection convention attended by SDLP members in Dunloy on Sunday afternoon. The meeting was addressed by SDLP Leader Dr Alasdair McDonnell MP and former Executive Minister and North Antrim MLA Sean Farren.

Mr Duncan said:

“I’m delighted to have been selected by the party to fight for the people of North Antrim. I have no doubt about the challenge ahead but I am confident that we can put a progressive voice back in the Assembly to deliver for our area.

“Politics at Stormont has stalled. People here know that, we’ve been acutely affected by a loss of jobs that has devastated families and communities across North Antrim. Our local health service facilities are under constant threat of closure. People here are waiting on the benefits of peace. It’s time to break that deadlock and deliver change. That means we need a change of representation, a change of political leadership at Stormont. I believe I can be part of that change.

“In the weeks ahead I’ll be knocking doors, talking to people and building on the work of the party across North Antrim. I look forward to bringing a positive message to hard pressed households across this constituency and with the support of good people who deserve better, we will deliver for North Antrim.”