Connectivity essential for future of the Glens

8 03 2015
broadbandSDLP Glens Councillor Margaret Anne McKillop highlighted the problem of poor mobile phone and broadband coverage in the Glens and has welcomed the input of SDLP Regional Development Spokesperson John Dallat who has taken a proactive stance on the issue.

She said: “The poor quality of mobile phone signals and the absence of a decent broadband speed is one major disadvantage for those living and doing business in the Glens. It is also a particular irritant for those passing through as visitors and tourists.

“As a member of the new Causeway Coast and Glens Council I want to see the imminent publication of the master plan for these communities so that we can have a firm focus on developing tourism and industry where it is appropriate.

“I welcome the fact that the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Investment Arlene Foster has given a personal commitment to my SDLP colleague John Dallat that she will take a personal interest in this long-standing issue.  

“I am also seeking a direct meeting with Vodafone to find out how their recently announced programme for small communities can help the people of the Glens of Antrim.

“Above all we need joined-up thinking based on the wishes and aspirations of the people who live there. Our coastal areas are unrivalled in beauty anywhere in Ireland and we can take advantage of this if our local communities are listened to. Sustainable jobs can be created without threatening the environment or the landscapes.

 “It is time to begin talking up the Glens.  We need to collaboration of the tourist board, the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment and the synergy of the new council which I hope will focus on real issues and not time-wasting debates”

McKillop praises Road Service for work during snowstorms

1 02 2015
Snow Plough 2
SDLP East Antrim Westminster candidate Cllr Margaret Anne McKillop has written to Transport NI to thank their employees and local contractors who played a vital role in keeping the roads in the Glens passible where possible.

She said: “The recent snow storms greatly affected the Glens and if not for the sterling work of the employees of Transport NI and local contractors everything would have frozen to a standstill.

“On behalf of my constituents I informed Transport NI of the deep appreciation they have for those who were outside during the worst of the storms at considerable risk to themselves to ensure that essential traffic continued to move.

“We often take the services of Transport NI (Roads Service) for granted and indeed often complain when they don’t match our expectations.  However in recent days there has been nothing but praise for the work they did gritting and clearing snow off the roads to allow essential and emergency services to operate.

Make sure you to vote for Cairns Residents Group

6 09 2014


With only 34 days left to register your vote Glens of Antrim SDLP Councillor Margaret Anne McKillop has appealed for your support for the Cairns Residents’ Group who have been shortlisted for the Lloyd’s Bank Community Fund

  Voting will take place to 10th  October.

 To vote text vote fwl to 61119 or through the following link:

‘Craft Connections’ should be Arts and Craft centre for the area

6 08 2014



Following a proposal from Ballycastle SDLP Councillor, Dónal Cunningham, Moyle Council have agreed to explore all the possibilities for the future of the ‘Craft Connections’ building on Ann Street as an Arts and Crafts exhibition centre for the area.

The Ballycastle said he believed that the centre could act as a link for locally based artists and craftspeople, and would further promote the Arts and Crafts sector which exists in Ballycastle, Rathlin Island and the Glens of Antrim.

Councillor Cunningham said: “We have such a rich variety of artists and craftspeople. We are home to a huge variety of talents such as potters, painters, photographers, sculptors, jewellery designers and furniture makers and much more.”

“Promoting our local arts and crafts serves also to promote the whole region, and can bring benefits for all year round. Once visitors discover how beautiful our area is and the quality of arts and crafts on offer they will want to keep coming back.”

I believe there is still a huge potential for this industry to grow further by targeting the tourism industry and encouraging visitors to visit Ballycastle, Rathlin Island and the Glens to sample art and craft.

“Once we mark Moyle out as being somewhere that nurtures and encourages arts and crafts, we will be sending out the message that it is a great place for artists and crafts makers to earn a livelihood, and the sort of place where young and talented people can build a career”

Causeway Coast & Glens Outdoor Recreation Action Plan

6 07 2014
Outdoor Recreation NI is currently working on an Outdoor Recreation Action Plan (ORAP) for the Causeway Coast & Glens area.  The Plan is the third and final study to be completed as part of a suite commissioned by Sport NI.  Previous Plans have been completed for the Sperrins and Mournes area. The aim of the Plan is to provide an audit of the current provision of 30 different outdoor recreation activities, identify gaps in provision and opportunities for future development/enhancement and produce an Action Plan which recommends priorities for development.
Three public consultations events have been organised, two of which took place at the start of the week with the last scheduled for Mon 7th July at Moyle Council offices in Ballycastle at 7pm. 
Upon completion a report and action plan will be published and presented to the Causeway Coast & Glens Outdoor Recreation Forum.  It is anticipated that the Plan will strengthen the support for future funding and development projects

Moyle SDLP Councillors call for single flat rate payment of Single Farm Payments

11 04 2014



Moyle SDLP Councillors Margaret Anne McKillop and Dónal Cunningham have called for a single zone region for CAP Pillar 1, and a four year transition period to achieve a single flat rate payment for Single Farm Payments across the North.


After attending the party’s Agricultural Conference in Co Tyrone, Councillor Margaret Anne McKillop said


“We strongly support the party’s call for a single zone region, splitting the north into two or more regions makes absolutely no sense ,and would amount to little more than an attempt to create a two tier system of payments , something that would no doubt disadvantage and discriminate against most of the farming families in the Glens of Antrim. It is vital that we fight our corner and robustly support the implementation of a single region model”.


Councillor Cunningham continued


 “The SDLP has listened to a wide range of farming groups and agri-sector stakeholders. The key factors influencing our decision are the principle of fairness and equality, the sustaining and development of family farm based rural communities, and a sensible period of four years to allow for necessary adjustment.


“There has been too much uncertainty and confusion allowed to grow since the debacle over the Pillar 1/Pillar 2 transfer at the end of 2013 which is adding to the anxiety surrounding the CAP Pillar 1 issue.”




Glens Councillor Margaret Anne McKillop joins the SDLP

9 04 2014
 ma dc
Moyle Councillor Margaret Anne McKillop, who has represented the Glens since 2011, has announced that she has joined the SDLP. 

Announcing her move, Councillor McKillop said;

“I have made a principled decision to join the party which I feel best reflects my political vision for building a better Ireland. I am joining a party which steadfastly adhered to the principles of democracy, peace, reconciliation and social justice. I am proud and excited to be joining the SDLP, and will continue to work hard for my community in the Glens of Antrim.”
Ballycastle SDLP Councillor Dónal Cunningham said:
 “I am delighted to welcome Margaret Anne into our party and onto the Council group. She is a hard working local councillor and an excellent representative who cares a great deal about her local community and the people she represents. I have worked well with Margaret Anne on a number of projects and am now looking forward to working with her as a party colleague. There is a place in the SDLP for people who are committed to progressive politics and want to make a positive difference.”
Party Leader Dr. Alasdair McDonnell MP said,
“I am delighted to welcome Margaret Anne to the SDLP. Margaret Anne is a committed community worker and someone who has shown her dedication to public service during her time in Moyle Council. I am confident that Dónal Cunningham and Margaret Anne will make a formidable team working together to create change for the better in the Glens.”
It is expected that the local SDLP Branches will this week ratify Councillors McKillop and Cunningham as joint candidates on the SDLP ticket for the expanded Glens District Electoral Area in the new Causeway Coast and Glens Council.