Living Well Moyle Newsletter (2nd edition)

9 04 2017

Living Well Moyle

Many thanks to Bronagh McFadden (Community Navigator for Older People Causeway Localiy) and Sam Cunningham (Living Well Moyle Co-ordinator) for their great work on the 2nd Edition of the ‘Living Well Moyle’ Newsletter , the newsletter from the Dalriada Pathfinder Partnership Steering Group.

2nd Edition Living Well Moyle Newsletter

“Living Well” Community Engagement -Wednesday 7th September Ramoan Parish Centre 2.00pm

1 09 2016

Older people

Dalriada Pathfinder Partnership will be holding a series of meetings throughout September to speak to the community about ‘Living Well.’ ‘Living Well’ will be rolled out in Moyle to support people with chronic conditions to access services and supports which will enrich their lives. The ‘Living Well’ approach places the person at the centre of their own care and allows them to live better, with the support of the community. We hope to meet with people from local Community Groups and Representatives, Churches, Businesses, Members of local Clubs and Forums and the general public so that they can get involved and help us get it right.

The meetings follow the ‘Dalriada Pathfinder Community Mapping Event’ held on the 27th of April in Ramoan Parish Centre Ballycastle, and will be informative giving an opportunity for the community to ask questions and get involved in the project.

Dates and times area as follows –

Ballycastle – 2pm Wednesday 7th September Ramoan Parish Centre

Bushmills – 10.30am Wednesday 14th September Dunluce Parish Centre

Cushendall – 2.30pm Wednesday 14th September Old School House

Armoy – 7pm Thursday 15th September Tilly Molloy Centre

Mosside – 2.00pm Monday 26th September Mosside Presbyterian Church Hall

Rathlin – 2pm Tuesday 27th September The Branson Centre

Bid to cut falls among children and older people

13 05 2014
Home Accident Prevention Northern Ireland (HAP NI) held a very successful launch of its annual home safety campaign at the Guildhall, Derry on Monday 12th May 2014. The focus of this year’s campaign is on Falls Prevention. This year’s campaign is entitled “Wise Up  … Watch Your Step! Stop Fall Injuries in the Home.”
While the consequences of a slip, trip or fall are minor in many cases, for older people and very young children, in particular, the consequences can be serious and life changing.
In 2012, 125 people died as a result of a home accident in Northern Ireland. These figures exceed road and farm fatalities combined. Of those who died at home 71 (58%) died as a result of a fall and the vast majority were older people. 41% of all people who attend our A&E Departments do so as a result of a home accident, again falls are the single biggest reason for attending.
The audience included representatives from HAP Groups from throughout Northern Ireland and other practitioners who work to support families and older members of the community.
Throughout the year local HAP groups will provide talks, information sessions and in conjunction with councils offer Home Safety advice visits to help reduce the numbers.
Commenting on the event, Mr. Conor McCleave, Chairperson of HAP NI said: “Every year falls injure hundreds of people in Northern Ireland, leaving many members of our community with life changing injuries. We hope that by providing lots of clear practical advice that we can help ensure that the people we love stay healthy and happy and safely on their feet”
Home Accident Prevention Northern Ireland (HAP NI) is a voluntary network who aims to prevent all kinds of accidents which occur in and around our homes. HAP NI provide a local forum of employer supported and traditional volunteers including support from Environmental Health, Voluntary Services, Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service, Police Service for Northern Ireland, Housing Executive, RoSPA, Health Trusts, Local Community Organisations.
For further information contact:
David Adams, Management Team, HAP NI, tel. 028 2766 0277 or email  

Honesty needed from Trust on future of Residential Care homes

30 08 2013


SDLP Councillor Dónal Cunningham has called for an honest response from the Northern Trust in relation to the future of Residential Care Homes.

Speaking after a BBC report  indicated that the Northern Trust were making care homes unsustainable by restricting admissions Councillor Cunningham who sits on the Rathmoyle Action Group and the Stakeholder Group said:

“The claim that the Trust were attempting to close care homes in an underhand way, needs an honest answer. I am alarmed by the drip feed of information mostly from media sources which is continuing to cause unnecessary distress to elderly citizens and their families.

“The Rathmoyle Action Group believes that Residential Services can and needs to be provided alongside the proposed supported living provision on the Rathmoyle site.”

 “Over the years, there have been reassurances from the Northern Trust that there would be clear and open consultation – these revelations fly in the face of that.”

 “We are talking about elderly people and there are too many unnecessary claims and counter-claims causing distress to the elderly residents and their families.”

 “The Health Minister and the Northern Trust need to reassure people that the care of the elderly will be approached with sensitivity and openness. The well-being of the elderly  must be central to  any decisions  regarding the future of Residential Care homes.”

Check your entitlement to free insulation

24 06 2013



Ballycastle  SDLP Councillor Dónal Cunningham has urged members of the local community especially the elderly to check out their possible entitlement to free insulation up to a maximum value of £800 under a scheme funded by the Northern Ireland Sustainable Energy Programme (NISEP).The Insulation package includes; loft insulation up to the recommended 300mm, cavity wall insulation, hot water tank jacket and 4 energy light saving bulbs.

“61.5% of older people are living in fuel poverty that figure rises to 83% for older people, so it is particularly important that older people check out their possible entitlement”

Power NI are offering cavity wall and loft insulation for free, potentially helping to homeowners and private tenants save up to £150 a year off your energy bills.

The scheme is available on a first come first served bases to single person with an income or pension less than £18,000 per year gross, couples with an income of less than £25,000 gross per year, single parent families with an income of £25,000 or less and single person or couple households aged over 70 with a pension of less than £30,000 gross.

Applications can be made via the Age NI website and Councillor Cunningham is more than happy to assist applicants with the process.

Stop unsolicited Marketing Calls

23 06 2013


Stop unsolicited marketing calls

I’ve started the petition “NI Assembly: Stop Unsolicited Marketing Calls” and need your help to get it off the ground.

 Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here’s the link:

 Here’s why it’s important:

People shouldn’t have to put up with the constant daily barrage of unsolicited marketing calls and texts.
We call on the Assembly to take action to protect people’s privacy from unwanted calls, texts, faxes and emails.
Many vulnerable and elderly people feel that their privacy has been invaded and that they are vulnerable to scam businesses.
Despite many people asking their phone companies to stop these calls – some continue to receive calls for weeks after.
Please support this campaign.

 You can sign my petition by clicking here.

Maginness urges U-turn on ‘bedroom tax’

28 02 2013

Bedroom Tax


SDLP North Belfast MLA Alban Maginness has warned Minister Nelson McCausland of the potentially devastating impacts of the so-called “bedroom tax,” and has urged him to reverse his decision.

 Mr Maginness said;

 “In a recent question to the Minister of Social Development, he revealed that almost 4,200 people in the North Belfast area alone would be at risk of financial penalty with the introduction of a “bedroom tax.”

 “This could be potentially devastating for many families who are already struggling as a result of the economic downturn, and will undoubtedly push many into financial hardship, or force them from their homes. The flawed policy takes no account of individual circumstances, such as single parent families who may not have their children living with them on a permanent basis.

 “It also fails to consider ill or disabled people, many of whom rely on overnight carers or the need for extra bedrooms by foster parents who provide a much needed home for vulnerable young people.

 “I have no confidence in the “discretionary payments” that the Minister is promising, and this is a completely unacceptable attempt to plug the hole in this flawed policy. Further to this, the fact that the Minister saw fit to return £15 million to the Finance Minister in the past two months demonstrates a failure on his part to adequately allocate his budget. It is a slap in the face to those who he is taking more money from, and shows his complete incompetence and strategic oversight in relation to financial management.

 “The figures released by the Minister suggest that there will be tens of thousands of people penalised by the introduction of the “bedroom tax” across the North. The SDLP will do everything we can to prevent implementation of this unfair and illogical tax on the vulnerable.”

Keep warm this winter

20 12 2012

Old lady keeps warm
Ballycastle SDLP Councillor Dónal Cunningham has echoed the advice of Chief Medical Officer Michael McBride in calling for people particularly the elderly to stay safe, warm and healthy throughout the winter months.
“Keeping our homes warm is important, always keep the main rooms such as the living room and bedroom warm. Warm clothing and hot drinks will help prevent the most vulnerable people falling ill this winter.”
“The Chief Medical Officer advises that: “Keeping warm over the winter months can help prevent colds, flu or more serious health conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia, and depression.”
Dr McBride concluded: “Older people and those with long term illnesses are particularly vulnerable to the cold and we need to be aware of how we can help others when the winter temperatures drop. We all need to work together to ensure that everyone is kept safe and warm in winter. If you have an elderly or vulnerable friend or neighbour, look out for them during the winter months.”

Cunningham encourages older people to find out what they are entitled to

3 12 2012



With up to £2.3 million of Pension Credit unclaimed every week, Ballycastle SDLP Councillor Dónal Cunningham is encouraging older people to find out what benefits they are entitled to.

He added “The problem is that many older people don’t know what they are entitled to; very often the complexity of the benefit system puts people off; and many find the benefits system too complicated”.

 However there are many advice services only too willing to assist.

 “I would encourage older people to contact the Age NI Advice Line on freephone 0808 808 7575 for a free benefits check. An Age NI advisor will speak to them in confidence and help them find out what they are entitled to. Alternatively Councillor Cunningham can be contacted on 07745168922 to assist with any enquiries”

Cunningham encourages elderly to check up on their benefit entitlement

5 11 2011

Ballycastle SDLP Councillor Dónal Cunningham is supporting the AgeNI “Spread the Warmth” campaign this winter by encouraging older people to make every effort to ensure they are receiving all their benefit entitlements.

“Every week in the North between £1.2 and £2.3 million pounds in Pension Credit goes unclaimed, yet almost 65,000 older people are living in poverty. There are many reasons for this – many older people don’t know what they are entitled to; sometimes the complexity of the benefit system puts people off; often the claims process is just too complicated.”

Councillor Cunningham recommends that older people use the service by contacting the Age NI Advice Line on freephone 0808 808 7575 for a free benefits check. An Age NI advisor will speak to them in confidence and help them find out what they are entitled to.