Syria: the worst humanitarian crisis in a generation

14 10 2015


Text from email recieved Trocaire’s Humanitarian Officer

Dear Donal

Fadi is a Syrian refugee living in Lebanon, before the war he had a good life in Syria – he was an engineer and enjoyed living with his family and close to his friends. He never wanted to leave home but as he watched his country implode around him and the death toll rise from thousands to hundreds of thousands he had no option but to make the tragic decision to leave his country, a decision so familiar to so many Syrian people.

My name is Noelle Fitzpatrick, I am Trócaire’s Humanitarian Officer and I have met Fadi, and many others who are living in refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan. Many of them have nothing but the clothes on their backs.
Today, Fadi lives in Lebanon. His home is only a two hour journey and although he longs to travel back to his country one day, he knows it is a journey that he cannot make. For Fadi, the prospect of returning home has now become little more than a distant memory.
Like so many others, he is now so desperate that he is considering risking his life to get to Europe.
“I die a little bit every day here,” he told me. “If there is even a 50% chance of making it alive to Europe, it is a risk worth taking”.
Please Take Action Now.
By supporting our Refugee Crisis Appeal you can help provide food and shelter to refugees that have been forced to flee their home. Even a small donation can help us to deliver life-saving support.


Noelle Fitzpatrick
Humanitarian Officer

Donate Now




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