Beware Christmas car robberies

17 12 2014


Cushendall SDLP Councillor Margaret Anne McKillop has warned of the danger of car thieves in the wake of a local woman who had her car broken into in Cushendall and her handbag stolen with all her bank cards in it.

“In the run-up to Christmas it seems that petty thieves are prepared to wreck other people’s seasonal happiness by breaking into their cars and stealing their property.

“People need to be mindful when parking cars not to leave them in places that are unlit and away from the public eye.  They should lock any valuables in the boot and leave no trace of anything valuable in the car.

“When I learned of this shocking crime I put out a message on Facebook and shortly afterwards I got a tip off where the handbag could be recovered.  Unfortunately it was empty with all the lady’s bank cards and other valuables stolen.

“If anyone knows anything of this disgusting incident I would ask them to pass the information to the PSNI or to myself so this criminal is caught.  Cushendall is a peaceful village where people trust each other and unfortunately it takes only one person to abuse that trust.  In this case the lady got her handbag back thanks to the people who responded to my Facebook appeal but is now left without her money and with the trouble of cancelling her bank cards.”




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