Cushendall focus of flooding issues

12 12 2014


Engineers from Transport NI have met local SDLP Councillor Margaret Anne McKillop to discuss flooding issues on the Knocknacarry Road and Ballybrack Road in the Cushendall area.  Councillor McKillop who was accompanied by a number of local residents including farmers said:

“I was glad to have the opportunity to meet on site with the Section Engineer and his colleagues from Transport NI to discuss possible solutions to reoccurring flooding problems and I am delighted that local landowners have agreed to work with the Roads Service to solve the problem that has given rise to an every-increasing number of complaints from the public.

“The problem will be monitored on a regular basis and in the meantime it is planned to install a number of gullies which should help to dispense the excess water that creates all kinds of road safety issue for road users.

“Obviously I would welcome reports from residents in other areas where surface water is a problem that constitutes danger to road users.  By working together we can address issues which unfortunately in the past have led to serious injury and death on our roads.’




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