McKinney tells Health Minister to take his own advice

19 11 2014

healthcareSDLP Health Spokesperson Fearghal McKinney MLA, has told the Health Minister to take his own advice. Following the Minister’s announcement on Trust waiting times, Mr McKinney said:

 “It is our belief that the Belfast Trust is being unduly impacted because of the actions of other Trusts. This is something the SDLP flagged up when cuts were made earlier in the year.

“In attempting to deal with waiting times relating to unscheduled care, the RQIA identified, ‘the need for better regional co-ordination, better information sharing between Trusts, better planning across and between Trusts and a clear strategic vision set by the Minister’.

“This approach is exactly what should apply in relation to the cutbacks that the Minister is backing right now.  In fact the approach should apply to all Health provision in the North as some of these latest cuts are going to impact not just locally but elsewhere.

“Trusts are acting completely contrary to the approach set out by the RQIA and it is our belief that some of those cutbacks, such as Dalriada, will stack up higher costs for other Trusts and impact on the budget overall.

“The Minister should take his own advice and put in place not only a taskforce looking at coordination, planning, and information sharing for unscheduled care, but for the Health Service as a whole. That would show vision.”




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