Gallagher welcomes SDLP Minister’s rejection of proposed exploratory drilling

17 08 2014
SDLP Fermanagh District Councillor Brendan Gallagher has welcomed the news that the Minister for the Environment has rejected Tamboran’s proposals for exploratory drilling in the Cleggan Quarry in Belcoo.

“The SDLP in Fermanagh have been very vocal opposing fracking in Fermanagh.  Local people are fearful about the impact hydraulic fracturing may have on our environment and our health with worries about noise and air pollution, water contamination, irreversible damage to our landscape and the link between fracking and seismic activity as seen in Blackpool.

“There were significant fears locally that this drilling was the first step to fracking in Fermanagh.

“Now Minister Mark H Durkan has taken the bold step of rejecting Tamboran’s proposals for exploratory drilling which they believed was allowable under permitted development rights. The Minister took the view that this was an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) development requiring full planning permission. The Minister also took the view that the environment must be protected at all times and that full consideration must be given to any impacts of drilling.

“With our local economy heavily reliant on agriculture and tourism, we are very concerned that the impact of fracking on these sectors could be devastating for Fermanagh.

“It is now vital that the DETI Minister, Arlene Foster, listens to the concerns of the Fermanagh people, reflects on the decision made by Minister Durkan and places a moratorium on the licence granted by her department to Tamboran Resources.”



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