Cunningham condemns attack on Ballycastle GAA Club

15 07 2014

McQGAA graffiti

SDLP Ballycastle Councillor Dónal Cunningham has condemned those responsible for daubing sectarian graffiti on the wall of the local GAA grounds and clubhouse as “despicable”.

The attack on McQuillan GAC comes just two nights after a similar attack on the local Orange Hall, which Cllr Cunningham also condemned.

Cllr Cunningham said: “The use of the same colour and slogans as used on the Orange Hall two nights previous might have been for some warped purpose, but  nothing can detract from the fact that people need to be respectful of other people’s views, beliefs, culture and property.

“Whoever is behind this attack should be ashamed of themselves. Spraying disgusting slogans on the walls of an Orange Hall or GAA Club will not achieve any objective. It is despicable and these stupid incidents must not be allowed to damage the good community relations in the area.

“No one in Ballycastle wants to be associated with these types of juvenile and unacceptable actions.” 



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