Cunningham in call to support local businesses

5 07 2014


Castle Street

Ballycastle SDLP councillor and current Chair of Moyle Council Dónal Cunningam is urging people to make an effort to ‘shop local’ as much as possible following the 4th July campaign to back Independents’ Day.

 The Independents’ Day initiative was designed to underline the fact that local traders not only play an important role in boosting growth by creating job opportunities, but also to keep town centres vibrant and welcoming.

Councillor Cunningham who chairs the ‘Revitalise Ballycastle’ said the concept of Independents’ day marries well with the objectives of the regeneration project.

“Our aim is  to promote the social, economic and environmental development of Ballycastle and to market the town by emphasising to tourists, visitors and shoppers what a great place Ballycastle is, with it’s  array of unique, independently owned shops, cafes and restaurants with delicious food, relaxing ambiance and of course world renowned stunning landscapes and seascapes.”

 Cllr Cunningham said: “Traders continue to experience serious challenges during the economic downturn, and as they continue to complete with online retailers and other pressures, so it’s important people make an effort to shop local as much as possible, supporting local businesses that provide employment. “

 “Ballycastle has so much to offer, and often shoppers can find unique items they won’t find anywhere else. Our traders make a huge contribution to the local economy so we should all, as much as possible, support our shops, cafes, restaurants and other small businesses.”




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