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29 07 2014


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22 07 2014

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Drivers and Cyclists all need to share the road

20 07 2014

We all share the road – drivers and cyclists alike. So we all need to respect each other’s journey.

Drivers need to take extra care to look out for cyclists, one of the most vulnerable groups of road users, and to anticipate that they may make unexpected manoeuvres.

Cyclists need to take responsibility for their own safety by making other road users aware they are there and by giving plenty of warning of their intended actions.

Don’t forget we all have an equal right to use the road. Be careful and considerate towards other road users by being understanding, patient, staying calm, allowing people plenty of room – and particularly for drivers and cyclists – making eye contact when it’s possible and being courteous to one another

Cunningham condemns attack on Ballycastle GAA Club

15 07 2014

McQGAA graffiti

SDLP Ballycastle Councillor Dónal Cunningham has condemned those responsible for daubing sectarian graffiti on the wall of the local GAA grounds and clubhouse as “despicable”.

The attack on McQuillan GAC comes just two nights after a similar attack on the local Orange Hall, which Cllr Cunningham also condemned.

Cllr Cunningham said: “The use of the same colour and slogans as used on the Orange Hall two nights previous might have been for some warped purpose, but  nothing can detract from the fact that people need to be respectful of other people’s views, beliefs, culture and property.

“Whoever is behind this attack should be ashamed of themselves. Spraying disgusting slogans on the walls of an Orange Hall or GAA Club will not achieve any objective. It is despicable and these stupid incidents must not be allowed to damage the good community relations in the area.

“No one in Ballycastle wants to be associated with these types of juvenile and unacceptable actions.” 

Graffiti “juvenile and unacceptable”

13 07 2014

Orange Hall

SDLP Ballycastle Councillor Dónal Cunningham has condemned those responsible for daubing sectarian graffiti on the wall of the local Orange hall on the eleventh night as “juvenile and unacceptable”.

Cllr Cunningham said: “People need to be respectful of other people’s views, beliefs, culture and property. Whoever is behind this attack should be ashamed of themselves. Spraying disgusting slogans on the wall of an Orange hall will not achieve any objective. This stupid incident must not be allowed to damage the good community relations in the area.”

“No one in Ballycastle wants to be associated with this type of juvenile and unacceptable action.”

Your signature is powerful. Pick up a pen and help change the world we live in

10 07 2014

Causeway Coast & Glens Outdoor Recreation Action Plan

6 07 2014
Outdoor Recreation NI is currently working on an Outdoor Recreation Action Plan (ORAP) for the Causeway Coast & Glens area.  The Plan is the third and final study to be completed as part of a suite commissioned by Sport NI.  Previous Plans have been completed for the Sperrins and Mournes area. The aim of the Plan is to provide an audit of the current provision of 30 different outdoor recreation activities, identify gaps in provision and opportunities for future development/enhancement and produce an Action Plan which recommends priorities for development.
Three public consultations events have been organised, two of which took place at the start of the week with the last scheduled for Mon 7th July at Moyle Council offices in Ballycastle at 7pm. 
Upon completion a report and action plan will be published and presented to the Causeway Coast & Glens Outdoor Recreation Forum.  It is anticipated that the Plan will strengthen the support for future funding and development projects

Environmental Statement required for Ballinlea application

5 07 2014


Ballycastle SDLP Councillor Dónal Cunningham has welcomed the outcome of the DOE Planners application screening determination, which has concluded that an Environmental Statement is required for the Rathlin Energy application to drill a new test well site at Ballinlea.

Councillor Cunningham said “I am particularly pleased for the Ballinlea Residents group who campaigned to ensure that an Environmental Impact Assessment which includes social, economic, environmental and public health impacts is carried out before any planning decision was made”.

Councillor Cunningham continued “The public are still have many concerns around this application , hopefully the Environmental statement will comprehensively inform the decision making process”.

Cunningham in call to support local businesses

5 07 2014


Castle Street

Ballycastle SDLP councillor and current Chair of Moyle Council Dónal Cunningam is urging people to make an effort to ‘shop local’ as much as possible following the 4th July campaign to back Independents’ Day.

 The Independents’ Day initiative was designed to underline the fact that local traders not only play an important role in boosting growth by creating job opportunities, but also to keep town centres vibrant and welcoming.

Councillor Cunningham who chairs the ‘Revitalise Ballycastle’ said the concept of Independents’ day marries well with the objectives of the regeneration project.

“Our aim is  to promote the social, economic and environmental development of Ballycastle and to market the town by emphasising to tourists, visitors and shoppers what a great place Ballycastle is, with it’s  array of unique, independently owned shops, cafes and restaurants with delicious food, relaxing ambiance and of course world renowned stunning landscapes and seascapes.”

 Cllr Cunningham said: “Traders continue to experience serious challenges during the economic downturn, and as they continue to complete with online retailers and other pressures, so it’s important people make an effort to shop local as much as possible, supporting local businesses that provide employment. “

 “Ballycastle has so much to offer, and often shoppers can find unique items they won’t find anywhere else. Our traders make a huge contribution to the local economy so we should all, as much as possible, support our shops, cafes, restaurants and other small businesses.”


Brighter Nights return to Ballycastle seafront

3 07 2014

Brighter Nights 2014

Ballycastle SDLP Councillor Dónal Cunningham has welcomed the return of the ‘Brighter ‘ Street Theatre and Entertainment events which will take place at  Ballycastle Seafront on Friday evenings at 7.45pm (all events are free of charge). The ‘Brighter Nights’ programme is funded by Moyle District Council and Moyle Policing and Community and Safety Partnership and delivered by the Arts Programme.

 The line up of performances is as follows

Friday 4th July

Oisin Charms

This’Great Escape’ has entertained thousands at Edinburgh. Fire juggling, escaping from a strait-jacket on a 7 foot unicycle, comedy and acrobatics from this Dublin-based act

 Friday 11th July

Sharp Dressed Men

New comedy juggling act from this highly skilled duo who perform diabolo, unicycle and more (and they are very well dressed too).

  Friday 18th July

Alice Through The Looking Glass

Watch Alice’s fantastical adventures after she enters the mirror in Lewis Carroll’s famous story. Meet Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the Walrus and the Carpenter, The Lion and the Unicorn and the Jabberwock. Adaption by Michael Whitmore. Pacey, humorous, musical theatre accessible to all ages. This is a full length outdoor theatre show (approx 90 mins) with a short interval. Please bring small low backed picnic chairs and/or blankets. Picnics welcome

 Friday 25th July

Tennis Dennis

This plucky Kentucky-born tennis player attempts the impossible- squeezing himself through his tennis racket. Plus juggling, cool dance moves and a jaw-dropping finale

 Friday1st August

Babcock and Bobbins

Slapstick comedy, fire juggling, giraffe unicycle, stilt walking, rola bola amd fire breathing from this well loved comic duo

 Friday 8th August

Miss Shell

This colourful underwater creature sings, plays ukelele, performs a fish juggling routine, exquiste dolphin tricks and a fantastic multi hula hoop final.

 Friday 15th August

Chef Logy

Knife tricks, ear splitting whip cracks, potato juggling. Plus a death defying high balance act in which this wacky chef could be flambeed.

 Friday 22nd August

Journey Man Juggler

Comedy, Juggling, and a dramatic finale of fire juggling.