Dunloy farm tragedy is heartbreaking

9 06 2014

 Farm accident


SDLP Dunloy representative Harry Boyle has expressed his deep sympathy at news of the death of an 8 year old boy in a slurry accident near Dunloy.


Mr Boyle said: “This is a heartbreaking tragedy both for the family of young Robert Christie and the wider community in North Antrim.


“I, like many others, have known the family for some time. They have been deeply rooted in the local community and that is clearly evidenced by the fact that the family often travelled to help elderly farmers nearby. 


“The Dunloy and Loughgiel community will rally around the Christie family to offer our heartfelt support, just as they have always been a source of support for us in difficult times. I want to express my deep condolences to Simone and her two daughters at the loss of Robert. I also want to offer my prayers for Bertie who is fighting for his life in the Causeway hospital.


“Coming from a farming family, I know all too well the dangers of slurry. I share in the pain that the Christie’s are experiencing right now, as will all those in the farming community.


SDLP Loughgiel representative Joanne McKeown added:


“Slurry remains a continuous danger on farms and sadly has taken another innocent life this weekend. Robert’s young age only adds to the desperate sadness of this news.


“I want to extend my deep sympathies to Simone, her two children and all those experiencing pain at this difficult time.



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