Quadrangle Productions take the Riverside Theatre by storm

1 06 2014

Quadrangle logo 

Ballycastle based youth and community drama group ‘Quadrangle Productions’ brought their ‘Big Pick and Mix Variety Concert’ to Coleraine’s Riverside Theatre and left with a rousing standing ovation the likes of which the esteemed venue will rarely have experienced.

In a show that brought together everything from contemporary choreography to the sounds of Lady Gaga and Lana Del Ray, self scripted short dramas, creative writing, music, song and dance all intertwined with classic pieces from Oscar Wilde, Don Taylor and Nikolai Gogol- the group excelled in all aspects of their performance.

Councillor Dónal Cunningham said “Quadrangle are a wonderful group who work so hard providing opportunites for our young people whether in acting or dance , musical workshops or performances such as last night.”

“All of the participants have developed new skills and have grown their confidence, creativity and imagination. Caroline, Dominic and their leadership team of Lee, Kelly Ann and Michael have shown such generosity, commitment, organisation and communication and deserve all our praise”




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