Bid to cut falls among children and older people

13 05 2014
Home Accident Prevention Northern Ireland (HAP NI) held a very successful launch of its annual home safety campaign at the Guildhall, Derry on Monday 12th May 2014. The focus of this year’s campaign is on Falls Prevention. This year’s campaign is entitled “Wise Up  … Watch Your Step! Stop Fall Injuries in the Home.”
While the consequences of a slip, trip or fall are minor in many cases, for older people and very young children, in particular, the consequences can be serious and life changing.
In 2012, 125 people died as a result of a home accident in Northern Ireland. These figures exceed road and farm fatalities combined. Of those who died at home 71 (58%) died as a result of a fall and the vast majority were older people. 41% of all people who attend our A&E Departments do so as a result of a home accident, again falls are the single biggest reason for attending.
The audience included representatives from HAP Groups from throughout Northern Ireland and other practitioners who work to support families and older members of the community.
Throughout the year local HAP groups will provide talks, information sessions and in conjunction with councils offer Home Safety advice visits to help reduce the numbers.
Commenting on the event, Mr. Conor McCleave, Chairperson of HAP NI said: “Every year falls injure hundreds of people in Northern Ireland, leaving many members of our community with life changing injuries. We hope that by providing lots of clear practical advice that we can help ensure that the people we love stay healthy and happy and safely on their feet”
Home Accident Prevention Northern Ireland (HAP NI) is a voluntary network who aims to prevent all kinds of accidents which occur in and around our homes. HAP NI provide a local forum of employer supported and traditional volunteers including support from Environmental Health, Voluntary Services, Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service, Police Service for Northern Ireland, Housing Executive, RoSPA, Health Trusts, Local Community Organisations.
For further information contact:
David Adams, Management Team, HAP NI, tel. 028 2766 0277 or email  



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