Update from Northern Trust on Rathmoyle

25 04 2014


Update received by SDLP Councillor Margaret Anne McKillop on Rathmoyle supported living and Adult Day Centre provision

“The Trust would confirm that in respect of the development of a supported living facility on the site negotiations are continuing with a housing association to progress the development.  This has not progressed as quickly as we would have anticipated and we would hope to see the development commence within the 2015/16 new build programme.  The Trust remains fully committed to securing this provision for the benefit of the local population.

 This development is separate from the Rathmoyle Adult Centre provision on the same site. The Trust met with families of people who attend the adult centre in September 13 and advised them that the timeframe for any redevelopment of the supported living scheme would be in the 2015/16 programme. They indicated their preference for the retention of the current day care facility. We indicated that we would seek to facilitate both a supported living development and the retention of the current day care facility on the site. We also very clearly assured those who use the day centre and their relatives of our commitment that future plans will ensure that their need for day care continues to be met.”




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