5% increase in Ballycastle housing waiting list

24 03 2014
Ballycastle Waiting List

Ballycastle Waiting List

The graphic shows the 5% increase in the housing waiting list in Ballycastle in the last two years.

Fair access to housing was one of the major civil rights issues that led to the formation of the SDLP. It was the SDLP in the 1970’s that insisted that housing should be taken away from local authoritiies who had proved unfit to discharge their responsibilities. Local Governement was reformed and responsibility for housing was vested in the Housing Executive. Those reforms put an end to discrimination in housing. The SDLP has been at the forefront of many reforms since then.

Today we are experiencing yet another housing crisis. Decades of underinvestment by successive Direct Rule regimes has left us with a depleted housing stock, record long waiting lists and high levels of housing stress and homelessness. In addition the global economic downturn has made it difficult for people to get on to the housing ladder.

Today SDLP will be bringing a motion to the Assembly tabled by Alban Maginness and Dolores Kelly calling for an extra 4000 houses to be built by DSD (on top of the Programme for Government commitment) to address the growing Housing Crisis.

There is  still a major challenge ahead in getting the resources needed to deliver the SDLP Housing Vision – A Decent Home for Everyone. 




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