Former Green Party Chair to run for SDLP

30 01 2014

 Conor Quinn

The Social Democratic and Labour Party has selected a former Chair of the Green Party in Northern Ireland to run for the new Lisburn and Castlereagh Council in the Lisburn South electoral area.

Conor Quinn, Green Party Chair from June 2010 until October 2012, lives in Lisburn.

Mr Quinn said: “Moving to the SDLP has been a positive experience. When one examines the voting record of the SDLP in the Assembly there is much alignment with Green thinking, particularly on social justice issues.

“The strong performance of the SDLP ministers in the Department of the Environment was a decisive factor in encouraging me to join, as were my strong family connections to the party.

“I have also been deeply impressed with the strong cross-community approach taken by the current SDLP members of Lisburn CityCouncil.”

Councillor Pat Catney, SDLP Group Leader, said: “I was delighted when Conor joined the party in early 2013 and it is of no surprise that such a strong candidate has managed to convince the party organisation of his capabilities.

“Conor is very active in the community, particularly with his local church, and will be an excellent representative for the citizens of Lisburn.”





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