Single Farm Payment delays leaving farmers under pressure

20 01 2014


Ballycastle SDLP Councillor Dónal Cunningham says delays in Single Farm Payments are leaving some farmers under pressure and struggling to pay bills.

Councillor Cunningham continued “Concern is mounting as some farmers have revealed they are facing pressure to pay their autumn bills.”

“The picture is really only starting to emerge. Farmers who have contacted the SDLP say they were expecting to receive their Single Farm Payment two to three weeks ago. They’re saying they would use that payment to pay suppliers for a variety of items, such as meal and fuel bills and, in some cases, the banks.

 “Now, they’re saying they’ve been told their land is to be inspected and they’ll have to just wait. Farmers are saying they should have been forewarned that payment would be delayed because at least they would have had time to make alternative arrangements to pay off suppliers and keep them happy, and in other cases, negotiate with the bank.

 “What we’re seeing is serious pressure being placed on the finances of some farmers, and their cash flow. In some cases there is already enough pressure, so they don’t need this.

“I will be raising the matter with our Agriculture spokesperson, Joe Byrne MLA, who is vice-chairperson of the Assembly Agriculture Committee, to ensure the concerns of farmers are heard at the Assembly. “



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