Feedback from Road Service queries

20 01 2014


Here are the issues raised by Councillor Dónal Cunningham to Roads Service at their presentation to Moyle Council in November, the written responses were forwarded last week.

Request for update on Quarry Bends, Magheramore Road.

A proposal to realign the bends at this location is currently on a long list of similar minor works schemes in the Division. Due to the potentially high costs associated with the delivery of this scheme and the very limited funding available for the minor works programme it is currently considered to be low priority. It may be some time therefore before it will be considered for inclusion on a works programme.

 Request for Street Lighting at Magheramore Road junction with Moyarget Road

The road junction at Moyarget Road/Magheramore Road is in a rural location just over one mile outside Ballycastle. It is one of hundreds of unlit junctions on main roads throughout Northern Ireland. It would not be possible to provide street lighting at this time.


Request for traffic survey at Castle Street Ballycastle   

Traffic section staff will arrange to have an assessment of this location carried out which will include a pedestrian /vehicle survey.

 Request for pedestrian safety measures at Ramoan Road/Leyland Road roundabout  

Traffic staff will carry out a site inspection and assessment of this junction


Request for mini-roundabout at junction of Rathlin Road/Atlantic Avenue/Strandview Road

Network Development staff have carried out a site inspection and assessment, I regret that on this occasion  I have to inform you that the assessment indicated that the request was considered to be of low priority and would not be placed on the list of scheduled schemes.

 Measures to improve visibility at junction of Glenshesk Road/Dunamallaght Road

A junction improvement scheme for this location is currently on a very long list of similar minor works proposals in the Division. It is currently considered to be low priority and therefore has not made its way onto a works programme at this stage.

Requests for realignment/embankment work appraisal at 147 Cushendall Road

A proposal to put in place a vehicle restraint system at this bend is currently listed and will be considered for inclusion in the 2013/14 works programme  subject to the availability of funding along with a number of key issues including the successful acquisition of land required. A number of additional traffic management measures are also being considered for implementation at this bend.

Low level street signage at Ballycastle Diamond

Roads Services has agreed to increase the clearance height of these sign plates.

Update on progress of adoption of road leading to Leyland Farm

All of these roads have been adopted in November 2013 with the exception of Leyland Mews which has a relatively minor street lighting problem. It is hoped to have the remaining cul-de-sac adopted within the next year.

Update on progress on 20mph pilot scheme in Whitehall residential areas

Roads Service is currently taking forward four pilot schemes, one of which is at Whitehall, Ballycastle to introduce 20mph speed limits in residential areas. The statutory procedure including enabling legislation is currently being drafted. Following implementation, in due course, monitoring the effectiveness of these pilot schemes to inform the way forward will take place




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