Ballycastle needs social housing

10 12 2013


Social Housing







Ballycastle SDLP Councillor, Dónal Cunningham has urged social development minister Nelson McCausland to concentrate his resources in building more social housing instead of spending time and money on how homes are allocated.

“With the current waiting list for social housing in Ballycastle standing at 325, the Minister needs to give more attention to building more social housing”

Councillor Cunningham was speaking as the minister published research into how the system allocating public housing can be improved.

  Cllr Cunningham said the SDLP has three key principles when it comes to the allocation of housing which should be based on need, on a fair and equitable basis and protecting the most vulnerable.

 “The SDLP is very much aware of our roots and we are here to protect the principle of the Housing Executive “

 “However, the minister has fallen far short of his predecessors when it comes to housing and helping those in need of a home. This year, £18 million was handed back to the Executive as a result of an under spend. That represents a colossal failure on the part of the minister. “

 “Whilst the minister is spending time and money on researching how to allocate houses, the simple fact is there are not enough houses and that is where the minister should be concentrating his resources.”






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