Lá an Dreoilín

26 12 2013

St Stephens Day Wren

Lá an Dreoilín (Wren day) is celebrated in Ireland on 26 December, St. Stephen’s Day . The Wren celebration is likely to have descended from the Celtic Samhain mythology The tradition consists of “hunting” a fake wren. The captured bird was tied to a pole and kept alive and paraded through the town or village by mummers who collected money for the wren’s release, as the popular mummers’ parade song states ‘A penny or tuppence would do it no harm’.  The money was used to host a dance for the town or village, held that night. Enjoy Lá an Dreoilín – Happy St Stephen’s Day.

Nollaig Shona 2013

23 12 2013

To the many families, who mourn the absence or loss of a loved one at this time of year, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Have a Happy and Peaceful Christmas.

Gloria in Excelsis Deo

Ireland’s Greatest launches new appeal to end starvation

19 12 2013











Former SDLP leader and Nobel Peace Laureate John Hume is supporting a new appeal to the worldwide combined Christian Churches to become actively involved in a concerted effort to end the premature deaths of tens of thousands of destitute children from the Developing World who needlessly die every day from starvation or dreadful diseases resulting from malnutrition.

Mr Hume (voted ‘Ireland’s Greatest’ person of all time in an RTÉ poll in 2010) is backing the appeal by 80-year-old fellow Derryman Eamon Melaugh – whose charity Action with Effect provides care to destitute lepers, orphans and street children in India.

Mr Hume said: “I am delighted to support Eamon Melaugh’s appeal to the worldwide combined Christian Churches.

“Eamon’s efforts make a compelling call on all of us to rally against poverty in the world which is limiting people’s rights, living conditions and lives.

“While high level actions by governments internationally are important, there is also the need for solidarity from churches, communities, aid agencies and individuals.

“Eamon is a truly inspirational character who has shown over time a very strong commitment to helping others and encouraging people here to be mindful of the need not just to appreciate what we have, but to give what we can to assist those in need.”

For additional information visit www.actionwitheffect.org

Christmas Open Day at Corrymeela

15 12 2013

Join Corrymeela at their Annual Christmas Open Day today Sunday 15th December from 2.30 – 5pm.

They have delicious snacks, carol singing, christmas stalls and a very special guest for the children. No need to book, just come along

Ballycastle needs social housing

10 12 2013


Social Housing







Ballycastle SDLP Councillor, Dónal Cunningham has urged social development minister Nelson McCausland to concentrate his resources in building more social housing instead of spending time and money on how homes are allocated.

“With the current waiting list for social housing in Ballycastle standing at 325, the Minister needs to give more attention to building more social housing”

Councillor Cunningham was speaking as the minister published research into how the system allocating public housing can be improved.

  Cllr Cunningham said the SDLP has three key principles when it comes to the allocation of housing which should be based on need, on a fair and equitable basis and protecting the most vulnerable.

 “The SDLP is very much aware of our roots and we are here to protect the principle of the Housing Executive “

 “However, the minister has fallen far short of his predecessors when it comes to housing and helping those in need of a home. This year, £18 million was handed back to the Executive as a result of an under spend. That represents a colossal failure on the part of the minister. “

 “Whilst the minister is spending time and money on researching how to allocate houses, the simple fact is there are not enough houses and that is where the minister should be concentrating his resources.”



Amnesty video

9 12 2013

New from Amnesty: North Korea: The inside story

8 12 2013