Jobs needed to boost economy of small towns

10 09 2013

Following the closure of a number of family run businesses in the town, Ballycastle SDLP Councillor Dónal Cunningham has called for Government policy to place greater emphasis on jobs and business growth in order to support the economies of small towns.

Councillor Cunningham, who is chair of the Revitalise Ballycastle programme which focuses on the regeneration of the historic streetscape of Castle Street and Clare Street, warned that thriving town centres have to be places in which people work.

If small towns continue to hollow out, they will not be able to provide the environment to attract and retain the businesses that will support the economy in the future business growth

To date much of government policy has been about treating the symptom of moribund town centres, and not the cause, which is the lack of workers who are likely to spend their money locally.

 ‘Thriving town centres have to be places in which people can work, as well as live, play and shop – and that means thinking more broadly about the location of  jobs and support for business  growth. ‘



One response

13 09 2013
Sean Farren

Ballycastle certainly deserves the kind of support Donal calls for before the problem escalates. There are too many examples of small ghost towns. Hopefully Ballycastle will not be added their number.


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