North Antrim SDLP position on proposed Apprentice Boys of Derry parade in Dunloy on 19 May 2013

6 05 2013

The SDLP calls on the Parades Commission to issue a determination preventing this parade from going through the village of Dunloy. 

 In the continued absence of engagement with the local community by the Apprentice Boys, this parade should be restricted so that it does not enter the village.

 This is a proposed parade to a church but there is much more to any loyal order parade than a mere excursion to church.  The history of problems with parades in Dunloy and the unacceptability of them to the local population mean that a parade is an impossibility at the present time. This can only be addressed by the Apprentice Boys entering into serious engagement with local residents.  Any loyal parade in the absence of such engagement and agreement would be highly contentious in the area and would be very damaging to community relations. 

 The Parades Commission has routinely, and rightly, served a determination on every loyal order parade in Dunloy since 1998.  We urge the Commission to sustain this approach




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