Farmers who lost livestock urged to protect their LFACA claims

12 04 2013




dead sheep


Moyle SDLP Councillors Dónal Cunningham and Catherine McCambridge have urged local farmers who have lost livestock as a result of the recent snow to protect their 2014 Less Favoured Area Compensatory Allowances claims by informing the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of the details of their losses.

Councillor Cunningham said

“Farmers who have lost stock need to contact the Department of Agriculture before the 15th May to protect their LFACA claim.

According to DARD special forms will be available from the 17thApril from their offices or from their website, we would urge all farmers who experienced livestock loss to use the form to report the exceptional circumstance and not risk their claim being based on the number of animals that have survived as opposed to their original flocks.

“As these claims are made on the 2013 Single Application Form and require the farmer to have appropriate stocking density between 1st April and 31st October 2013, many farmers will no longer meet the required stocking density due to the exceptional circumstances of their loss through the severe snow”.

“We will be more than happy to assist any farmers with the completion of these forms”




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