Scrap the Bedroom Tax

5 04 2013

Ballycastle SDLP Councillor Dónal Cunningham has called for the all parties to bin the “Bedroom Tax” when the Welfare Reform Bill returns to the Assembly on 16th April.
Speaking following figures published by the Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Associations and the Chartered Institute of Housing which show that the ‘Bedroom Tax’ will cost more to implement than it will save in housing benefit, Councillor Cunningham said.
“The bedroom tax will affect 32,000 households in the North, but the figures reveal that the direct cost of implementing the bedroom tax would be at least £21m across the housing associations and Housing Executive all of this to cut the benefits bill by £17m. The numbers don’t add up on Bedroom Tax and we can’t afford the human or economic damage this policy would inflict.
“Hopefully other political parties will take heed of this research and join with the SDLP to block the implementation of this invidious tax.”



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