Dallat calls for more resources for Causeway A & E

11 03 2013

Causeway Hospital 2

SDLP East Derry MLA John Dallat has described an ‘escalation plan’ to deal with a crisis at the Causeway Hospital’s Accident and Emergency Department at the weekend as hopelessly inadequate.

 Mr Dallat said:

 “I have no doubt the A and E Department at the Causeway Hospital experienced unprecedented pressures in recent days leading to patients lying on trolleys and in pain for unacceptable periods of time.

 “The staff coping in these pressurised conditions deserve our admiration and support. Nevertheless it is unacceptable that the service was reportedly near to breaking point at least for those lying on the trolleys two to a bay.

 “These reports do not reflect accurately the very high standards of care in the hospital generally and certainly underline the sheer madness of transferring any element of A and E to Antrim Hospital which is also experiencing pressures on A and E.

 “I have asked the Northern Health Trust for a full report on why the service experienced difficulties which it quite clearly failed to cope with. I have also arranged a meeting with the Chief Executive which will take place later in the month.”




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