Theft of oil from church property criminal and ‘sacrilegious’

23 02 2013

Oil tank
SDLP Moyle District Councillor Dónal Cunningham has condemned the recent spate of theft of heating oil from homes but also the thefts from churches and church halls in the Ballycastle area.
He said: “For the scond time in the space of 9 or 10 months we have witnessed the thefts from local churches and church property which places along side the thefts from private homes points to a level of co-ordination and organisation. The Ballycastle community are rightly outraged by these actions. In my view theft from family homes is y totally reprehensible while theft from any faith community is both sacrilegious as well as criminal. I express my disgust at all of these incidents.
“There should be no place for this type of activity in Ballycastle. I will be pressing the local police for results and hope that those who were involved are caught and shamed before the courts for what they have done.”
“I would also urge people to exercise caution and be vigilante when it comes to their property and oil tanks.”



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