The future for people living with dementia

16 02 2013


 Ballycastle Councillor Dónal Cunningham has called on the local community to take part in the Northern Health and Social Care Trust’s consultation on the implementation of the dementia strategy as it’s focus is on the accommodation needs of people living with dementia.

“Given the expected changes for Rathmoyle, it is important that adequate provision is made for the increasing number of people living with dementia ” 

Councillor Cunningham said “The strategy focused on improving understanding and early diagnosis, and on the need for support and training for staff as well as supporting  the independence of those affected by dementia”

“There is no doubt that we have an ever-increasing elderly population and it is estimated that the number of people aged over 85 will double in the next two decades. Advances in medical research, cutting-edge treatments and improvements in care have all played a major part in increasing life expectancy; however, the positive impact on physical health can be severely undermined by the progressive and incurable causes of dementia.”

With a predicted 25% increase in the number of dementia sufferers in the next two decades, there is no denying the extent of the problem and the need for committed focus in tackling the issues. Poor diagnosis along with low levels of understanding and awareness of dementia has contributed to the crisis.

What are they consulting on?

The ongoing implementation of the Northern Health and Social Care Trust’s dementia strategy Adding Life to Years’, is about delivering the latest models of care based on national guidance and research for people living with dementia.

The Trust  want to hear your views in relation to one aspect of the dementia strategy; meeting the accommodation needs of people living with dementia. 

We need to see an improvement in the way we provide care for people living with dementia who need a higher level of care than can be provided in their own homes.

It is important that everyone; people living with dementia, carers, local people and voluntary organisations and our staff, take part in the consultation and enure their views are heard.

You can access the consultation here  emi_consultation_booklet_pdf[1] or alternativley email your views to Cllr Dónal Cunningham at






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