From A lady with Ovarian Cancer

15 02 2013


March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and our Party have been contacted by a lady with Ovarian Cancer who wants to raise awareness and asked for our help, her words deserve to be taken seriously. Please read and consider.

“I am only one person, but there are thousands of women walking this road with me suffering silently in the background.

I am their voice and will speak out for them and for the other 4 women diagnosed with me from a 4mile radius who have all died and I am the last one left. They were aged 36.yrs. old to 69 yrs. old. The 36 year old left 4 children aged 3 to 10 behind and had been attending her doctor for a year diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome until she collapsed and was admitted to hospital .by that time it was too late as it had spread. It makes me so mad and so sad that now 4children are motherless and a husband made a widow at 36 yrs. old and left to rear his young family alone. Her death and others like her were and are preventable.

Our MLAs, councillors and government bodies have a responsibility to the women in N Ireland to act in this information as it is only through media, broadcasting, and government bodies speaking out to highlight and elevate the profile of the disease will lives be saved in the long run.
I would love to speak and address all the parties as I think I could make an impact on them when they see a real person instead of someone reading out statistics. Seeing me, they cannot ignore the issues as I will be standing in front of them, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a sister a person.
You women in politics can make such a big difference for the future of other women who are the prospective ovarian cancer sufferers of the next generation.

Put a stop to it now you all have the power within you to do this as the human voice is such a powerful tool when used for the good and benefit of others.”




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