Cunningham looks forward to Rathlin Sound Maritime Festival

15 01 2013

Tall Ships Fairhead

Expressing his disappointment that the Rathlin Sound Maritime Festival had not been successful in receiving funding from the NITB Events Fund, Ballycastle Councillor Dónal Cunningham has said that he has every confidence that the event will be a success.

“A lot of hard work has already gone into planning the event, I have no doubt that this festival will be a success and can grow into a major annual maritime festival.

“The festival which will run from 24th  May to 2nd June will be centred on the Rathlin Sound, the body of water which lies between Rathlin and Ballycastle.”

“For the opening weekend events will focus on the Ballycastle side and then on Rathlin for the closing weekend. Both locations will host events during the week in-between.”

“The spirit of the event is to encourage “on the water ‘get involved’ activities”, there will be a host of historic craft and modern craft and something to interest the whole family.”

“There is already growing interest in the special seafood themed market which will include cookery demonstrations. Throughout the event special menus in local cafes and restaurants which will celebrate our unique food offering.”

“On top of all of that there will be wealth of entertainment in the evenings to choose from including music, drama and films. This certainly an event we can all look forward to.”




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