Cut Trident – build houses

29 11 2012


On Wednesday 5th December, Tory Chancellor George Osborne is expected to announce further spending cuts with his Autumn Statement.

But one thing we know he isn’t planning to cut is Trident.

Funding the Trident nuclear weapons system and its replacement comes at the cost of key services and facilities across the economy. The Ministry of Defence estimates the replacement submarines will cost at least £25 billion and – taken together with the system’s lifetime costs – the total bill could be well over £100 billion. CND has a suggestion on how that money could be better spent:

There is a housing shortage and the government has identified home building as an economic priority, nonetheless homelessness and overcrowding are getting worse. £3bn a year – the amount currently spent on nuclear weapons – would pay for around 30,000 new houses every year, creating jobs for around 60,000 people



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