Power sharing key for Moyle

27 05 2012

In advance of the AGM of Moyle District Council, Dónal Cunningham has urged parties and political groupings to enter into the true spirit of power sharing and to consider very carefully the choices they have previously made for the years in which they will take up their dHondt entitlement for the positions of Council chair and vice chair.
“We are faced with the prospect that Moyle District Council once a model of power-sharing and co-operation failing in the next three years (possibly the last three years of its existence) to live up to it’s previous high standards with single identity representation in both positions in all three years.”
“The positions of chair and vice chair are the most visible sign of local democratic leadership and I am convinced that the local community want to see partnership working. If either the DUP, Sinn Féin or the Independent grouping can agree to swap their choice of year for vice chairmanship, then two of these years will have a partnership in the Council’s top two positions .
Partnership threatens no one and will provide the basis for a stronger, more proactive democratic leadership, one that closer to all sections of the community. In the current economic climate, partnership will give confidence to local businesses, the voluntary and community sector.”
“The Council needs to be seen to be working in partnership in order to take advantage of very limited economic opportunities and deliver the best possible outcomes for the community.”



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