Cunningham welcomes formation of “Ballycastle Community Development Group”

23 03 2012

Dónal Cunningham has welcomed the newly formed “Ballycastle Community Development Group” a group which was inspired by the facebook page “What I would like to see in Ballycastle”.
The Ballycastle SDLP Councillor said “This is exactly what the Ballycastle community needs; I am particularly impressed by the group’s stated objectives of promoting community spirit and working to improve the area”
The Ballycastle community has a large and untapped pool of people (particularly the young) who have different skill sets which we need to get involved and have a real say in the decision making as to what happens in their area. This is an excellent opportunity to strengthen local democracy and for the council to reconnect with the community by empowering the group to be involved in influencing decisions that affect them.



4 responses

24 03 2012
mary mccaughan

where and when does this group meet and how many members does it have.


24 03 2012

Mary, they met for the first time last Wednesday just to get established and organised. They have set up a committee and will be happy to extend to a bigger membership- if you are interested I will put them in touch. The more people who get involved the better


24 03 2012
Conor Mc Carry

Mary if you join the page above on Facebook or the Things we would like to see in Ballycastle page you can keep in contact with us all.


25 03 2012

Thanks Conor- good man


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