Period of reduced rates may progress sale of hotel

11 03 2012

SDLP Ballycastle Cllr Dónal Cunningham has said that Moyle District Council should consider a period of reduced rates if this could progress the sale of the Marine Hotel and Country Club leisure facility in Ballycastle.
He said: “The Marine Hotel has been closed since December 2010 and was only brought to the position of “ready for sale” after a lengthy and complicated period of administration. We have been without a hotel for the entire calendar year of 2011 and desperately need to see a hotel provider before the Easter and summer periods of 2012 pass us by as well”.

“Our local economy needs people to stay over in the town, to shop in our local shops, eat in our restaurants and to drink in our pubs and clubs. The loss of the hotel has dented the confidence of the entire community and its continued closure sends the wrong message to potential visitors and investors”
“Our community needs action to be taken to develop this hotel as early as possible, if a reduction in rates helps to progress this –so be it.”



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