Say “NO” to Fracking in the Rathlin Basin

15 01 2012

Hydraulic Fracturing – it goes by the ugly name of “fracking”, and it could be on it’s way to Moyle.
Rathlin Energy – a wholly owned subsidiary of Canadian company Connaught Oil & Gas Ltd has been granted a licence from the Department of Enterprise Trade and Industry for oil and gas exploration in the onshore Rathlin Basin (coloured pink on map above).
In year 3 of their operation Rathlin Energy are planning to apply for permission to sink a test bore 2,700 metres deep , in a bid to exploit the shale gas that could be locked in the rocks deep beneath the earth.
If it finds what it hopes, full-scale hydraulic fracturing – to extract the gas could follow. This would unleash an unprecedented environmental threat .
Fracking involves pumping water or other fluids laced with sand or other particles at high pressure into rock formations deep underground. The process fractures the rock and releases shale gas trapped inside. Only some of the gas can then be collected and brought to the surface.
Shale gas extraction poses many actual and potential environmental and human health concerns including groundwater pollution, air pollution, demand for water and impact on climate change. Moyle District Council at their meeting on 20/10/11 unanimously accepted a proposal from Councillor Dónal Cunningham and resolved to oppose the use of hydraulic fracturing in any part of the explorations on Rathlin or in the Rathlin Basin.
We must continue to say NO to the possibility of fracking in the onshore Rathlin Basin.



One response

15 01 2012
Conor Mc Carry

This procedure must not be allowed to happen in our area, in fact this procedure must not be allowed to happen on this island full stop. Fracking has destroyed ground water and has caused health and environmental issues in the USA . People need to be united on this issue. Shame on the DUP and shame on Arlene Foster.


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